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This is something super fun to do, and a different take on normal Christmas decorations. This punched out font by Geneva based Swiss designer Tobias Sommer is an easy way to make 3D letters, a fun typographic DIY. Just download the font, type what ever you want and after a little cut, fold and glue, you’ve got a cool 3D paper greeting deocration! Ho Ho Ho ! hohoho1

This downloadable font is a set of cut-out layouts with which you can build 3D pixel style letters. Out of these letters you can for example make amazing christmas decorations, fitting to the season. Like my Ho Ho Ho. Of course it’s also perfect for birthdays or any other kind of decoration.

It’s as simple as this: download the font from this link or clicking the alphabet at the bottom of the post. Using any type of writing or editing program, type out what ever you want, the alphabet includes all the letters as well as numbers. Use some special paper, I opted for 230 gsm IQ color red to give it a classic christmas feel.  You can print the letters with any basic home printer in a size you want. Using scissors and a paper knife, cut out the letters by the black outer lines. Even though at first it feels that making each letter is too time consuming, I promise, after making a few it becomes faster. I’d say that all together it took me about an hour or so to finish from start to end.
hohoho5 hohoho4
After  you’ve cut out all the letters, fold all the dotted lines so the letters fold into place automatically. Some letters, which are totally asymmetric can be folded with the black lines inside the structure, but for most of the letters you have to do them with the lines showing on the out side. But even then, the outlook will be really cool. I lucked out when choosing the widely known Santas’ greeting – HO HO HO !

After the 3D letters are done, you can hung them up with a piece of string to make a cool letter garland, of glue or tape to a fitting holiday background or simply arrange and place in a special place.
hohoho2 hohoho3 hohoho8

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