D.I.Y. Ideas for Easter Table Decorations

The Easter holiday is upon us! So we came up with some simple Easter dinner table decorations for you to try out and play with paper. From cute bunny ear name-cards to tips on how to use your office supplies to the good!
These Easter bunny name-cards are so cute, it’s hard to believe how simple and easy they are to make! Choose a type of paper sturdy enough to stand on its own, we used SH Recycling 350 gsm. Cut a square of 9cm x 11cm, measure where the card folds in half, and on that line, draw a pair of bunny ears which you’ll then cut out with a paper knife, as shown below. Use them as name-cards or labels for different dishes.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAn easy way to decorate your Easter eggs is using the left-over paper circles you have from your office perforator. Normally thought of just paper waste, now you can use them for something practical. The end result is actually surprisingly cute and modern. Empty out your perforator, just be careful not to spill them everywhere (it’s such a pain to clean them up). With using paper glue, stick them one the egg, one at a time, and spread them evenly to get a clean finished look!

We also came up with an other practical decoration you can make out of your office paper waste. If you have a paper shredder machine, empty it out before leaving for holidays. You can use the shredded paper to make a nest for your Easter eggs and it will make a perfect centerpiece for your dinner table! You don’t even have to do the work for this one, so simple, so elegant! No shredder? Just cut the paper by hand and crumple it into shape. A bit more work, but the same fabulous effect!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATo have something for the children as well, make these paper bunny labels for their soda bottles. Takes you 5 minutes, and it’s so much fun for them! You can use the same idea for glasses, wine bottles and even flower vases. We used an embossed paper – Via Felt 220 gsm – for a softer look. These are as simple as the name-cards to make, just cute the shape and glue it around the bottle. You only need to measure the perimeter of the bottle, so you’ll know the length you’ll need for the paper strip to be. Cut out the shape as seen below, draw a bunny face on it and attach it to the bottle!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s the small things that make the difference! For example, if you are using textile napkins, you can make ring holders for them out of paper. Use paper that is either one that you used for a previous decoration, or of something different. We wanted to give them a sturdy look and made some out of a wood looking paper, Wood Paper 398 gsm. They ended up looking very nice and we’ll for sure use them again in the future! Once again, so simple to make and looks great!

Also an idea for all paper lovers. Make some place mats out of paper. Using different materials and prints you’ll get a new look. Specially if you have young children at the dinner table, you could use Synthetic Yupo paper or Transparent Glama basic, which won’t absorb liquids and can be just whiped clean after dinner! You can also let the children decorate their own place matts to make it more  personal!

Han fun with these easy D.I.Y. decorations and Happy Easter to everyone!



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