Gen Z Yellow Takes The Throne

Only six months ago I wrote about the unquestionable queen of colors of the moment – the Millennial pink – with 21 prime examples of its use in branding and packaging. And even though its fandom seems to still be alive and kicking, there is a new kid in town. The cleverly titled Gen Z Yellow is claiming the throne from its predecessor by taking the design scene by storm. Ranging from shades from mustard to neon to egg yolk yellow, color expert Erika Woelfel explains how the color symbolizes “vitality and ambition, traits we’re seeing in this upcoming generation of tastemakers”.

I for one am excited to see the rise of a bright, strong color after a period of muted shades and musky tones. No, I won’t forget about Millennial Pink, how could I? I am myself a millennial. But I must admit, the flirtatiously fun, bubbly positivity Gen Z Yellow brings is enticing, and definitely something we can all enjoy these first steps into a new season.

Here are nineteen brilliant branding and packaging concepts utilizing Gen Z Yellow.

1 Vilhelm Parfumerie

2 Leta Sobierajski

3 The Food Field

4 Terra Verde

5 EL CANTIZAL Extra Virgin Olive Oil

6 Onet

7 Tim & Tammy’s

8 Taleful Thursday Treats

9 Branch Creative

10 Fruit Up!

11 Plates&Cups cafe

12 Lumm

13 Yellow

14 Out of the Blue 

15 Redesign Løiten Aquavit

16 Tokyo Bousai

17 Vincit Beer

18 Modern

19 Asarai

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