20+ Egg Packaging Designs

Our Easter inspired Egg-cellent week continues with 20+ innovative egg packaging designs from around the world. The unique shape and fragility of an egg makes it needy for a specially designed packaging, to keep it safe and whole, from farm to table. Besides the traditional egg carton, a 100 year old invention, evolution is inevitable, even in egg packaging design.

Be it an egg carton, egg family pack, egg tray or filler flat, egg packaging provides optimal protection for the eggs throughout the supply chain. Good packaging materials can be reused and recycled, and careful attention must be paid to possible damage, odours and cleanliness of the product inside, with cardboard or paper pulp being the most popular choices. Check out these inventive egg packaging designs which rival each other in originality and style. Make sure to scroll all the way down, the last one just might be my favourite!

Heat pressed hay egg packaging by Maja Szczypek

The Egg “Toaster” by Ádám Török



The Egg Box by Ádám Török

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Egg packaging inspired by minimal use of material by otília erdélyi

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Egg Pack by Ayse Simsekci Baser


Carrier style egg packaging by Ralph Diab


High standing egg packaging by Rafaela Abreu


Egg packaging with quality graphic design by Arthur Lang

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Sustainable egg packaging by Emily Zirimis

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Hexagonial egg packaging by Gil Rodrigues


Stackable egg packaging by Azul Prado

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Egg packaging “Nestbox” by Dénes Janoch


Crowberry Crossings egg packaging by Alexandra Borrelli

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Humorous egg packaging by Muhammad Adam

Eastman egg company egg packaging by Jess Shoman

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Customized egg packaging by HSIAO HAN CHENAmy Shun YehJiaru Lin and CHENGWEN fung

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Puzzle like egg packaging by CHENGWEN fung


Egg packagin by CHENGWEN fung

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#_EGG packaging by Bruce PurdyGabe Rembert and Kyle Leicht


Egg box by Anita Vaskó

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Crocodile egg packaging by Emilie Lavigne

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Images via Behance




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