Beautifully Illustrated Botanical Calendar 2024 Celebrates Slovak Nature

Illustrated by the talented Zuzana Krenželáková and printed by Šimon Babej at ubabeja s.r.o. in Košice Slovakia, the Botanical Calendar 2024 is more than just a tool for keeping track of days — it’s a beautiful paper work that will brighten your space and spirit. The Botanical Calendar 2024 consists of eight sheets, six double-sided and two single-sided “pages”, printed front and back. Each double-sided sheet covers two months, showcasing Krenželáková’s intricate botanical illustrations – originally hand-drawn, then digitized through high-quality scanning, preserving their delicate details and vibrant hues.

I am very happy to present to you a new addition to the world of my illustrations — the Botanical Calendar, which will not only be a guide to your daily time, but also a faithful companion that will flourish with you every day of the new year.

Every month features a unique botanical illustration, complete with the Slovak and Latin names of the plants. The calendar provides ample space for notes, with weekends and holidays marked to facilitate easy planning. Beyond its practical use, this calendar is a piece of art designed to bring the beauty of Slovak nature into your home.

“When creating the calendar, I paid attention to every detail. You can frame the botanical illustrations, created using the technique of watercolor painting, drawing with crayons and line drawing, after the end of the year and enjoy them for a long time to come,” Krenželáková adds.

Košice-based Zuzana Krenželáková is an illustrator and surface pattern designer with a passion for capturing the essence of nature

Krenželáková’s artistic journey began in childhood, evolving through her studies in design with a focus on wood processing and sculpture at the Technical University of Košice. Her experience with sculpture transformed her approach to drawing, allowing her to perceive and render volumes in her illustrations. “My own project got me into drawing botanical illustrations when I started to study flowers and plants by drawing them. At that time, I really liked the idea that I wanted to elevate even the most ordinary flower to a ‘work of art,'” Krenželáková shares. This vision led to the creation of her brand, Gratiola, which aims to highlight the beauty of Slovak nature.

The Botanical Calendar 2024 is printed on lahnur® paper, known for its exceptional structure and tactile appeal

Lahnur® (previously featured here)  is a revolutionary, special paper that is both sustainable and weatherproof, combining durability and recyclability. Lahnur® can be disposed of and recycled with paper, however, it is twice as strong due to the reinforcement of the rayon fibers in its composition. Moreover, it can withstand outside weather conditions for up to six months. This makes it ideal for those applications where paper is not durable enough, yet synthetic material is overstated. Lahnur® not only impresses with its technical properties but also with its volume and natural feel.

Lahnur has a beautiful structure and it was love at first touch. I complemented the calendar with a beautiful metal peg in gold, silver, and rose gold, which is a subtle alternative to classic bindings, adding to the elegance of the whole work.

The backing cardboard of the calendar is made with White SUMO (previously featured here), a high thickness card (3 mm for the black and white versions and 1,5mm for the colored) known for its superior quality, structural strength, and solid dyed core. The unique product got its name from the Japanese culture, and in particular, the famous sport practiced by wrestlers of a certain “thickness”.

Printed by Šimon Babej at ubabeja s.r.o. in Košice, the calendar utilizes a 12-pigment ink photo printer, Hewlett Packard Z3200ps 44”, ensuring vibrant colors and fine details at 1200 dpi. The backing cardboard is precisely cut by a CO2 laser from Trotec Austria, adding a professional finish to the calendar.

This beautifully crafted Botanical Calendar 2024 is a testament to the artistry and meticulous attention to detail by both Krenželáková and the craftsman involved in making it. Each page is a celebration of Slovak nature, inviting you to appreciate the intricate beauty of every plant depicted. “Let this calendar inspire you, guide you, and remind you of the beauty of Slovak nature and its endless diversity with grace. I hope that this botanical calendar will bring a piece of Slovak natural charm to your life and a smile on your face,” Krenželáková concludes. You can purchase your own copy here

Images © Gratiola

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