2023 Best of Year Design & Paper Highlights

As the year 2023 draws to a close, we’re ringing in the new year with a sense of wonder and excitement for the future. We are also hitting our 11 year mark of existence. Incredible! So celebrate the new year with us. As the fireworks go off Sunday night and glasses of champagne are raised with loved ones, let’s dream of a bright and creative future together! 

Once again we want to THANK YOU all for staying with us for all these years, be it in your inbox with our monthly newsletter, here on Design & Paper, or on our social media channels. It means a lot to get feedback, submissions, and ideas – which is what Design&Paper is all about. And to properly say goodbye to 2023, we invite you to take inspiration from our carefully selected TOP 10 articles from the year past, and to let these ideas and creative concepts welcome your creative senses in the year to come.

See you in 2024 with more design and paper inspiration!

Books As Art Objects: Breathing Life Into The Endangered Species Of The Literary World

As paper lovers and design enthusiasts, books have always held a special place in our hearts, as they combine so many aspects of our passion, but books as art objects, or, art made from books, are a new intriguing avenue we’re excited to explore. < click title to read full article>

Europapier Introduces The 7th Edition Design Papers Collection

Every two years, Europapier extends the story of magical design papers into a new Design Collection – which includes all our latest assortments, carefully curated in line with market innovations and fresh industry developments. < click title to read full article>

Folded Paper Sculptor Polly Verity Has a Way With Paper

The origin of Verity’s work lay in the practice of modern origami, as she specializes in transforming single sheets of paper into surprising three-dimensional tessellations, a genre more commonly called curve-crease origami sculpture. < click title to read full article>

Vienna Art Book Fair #2 – A Must For All Art Book Lovers!

In cooperation with the Angewandte – University of Applied Arts Vienna, the city of Vienna was transformed into an experience park for book lovers this last October. The focus of VABF is on the international exchange of creativity, design, technology, printing, and bookbinding techniques. < click title to read full article>

Ukrainian Artist Azya Kozina’s Metropolitan Paper Sculpture Symbolizes The Resistance To The Occupation Of Ukraine

The Metropolitan paper costume was created by Kozina at the request of the You are the Angel nonprofit organization – that helps deliver food and medical supplies, and evacuate people in Ukraine – as part of an international competition at LA’s Metropolitan Fashion Week in 2022. < click title to read full article>

The New Premium Packaging Tool by Europapier Steals all Glances

Europapier has a wide range of design papers and boards, and we realized that we needed a specific tool to showcase packaging and premium packaging possibilities to inspire creatives and brand owners about our carefully selected materials. Therefore, the idea of a Premium Packaging Box came to life. < click title to read full article>

Stephen King’s “IT” Anniversary Edition Editorial Design & Illustration By Solid & Bold Wins Awards

Last year, Stephen King celebrated his 75th birthday. In honor of the author, German publisher Heyne Verlag from Penguin Random House re-released one of King’s best-known novels, IT (ES in German), as a limited anniversary edition for the German market. < click title to read full article>

Lahnur® – The New Recyclable, Durable Solution For Sustainable Brands

The new lahnur® has the potential to revolutionize the way we think about traditional synthetic products and could have a significant impact on improving sustainability in a range of industries. Features which up until now were impossible to reconcile within the same recipe – recyclable and durable – are brought together in an ideal solution! < click title to read full article>

Refugium Lunz – The Story Of Revitalization Of a Historic House With Lots Of Love And Care

The historic coachman’s house on today’s church square mostly served as an inn in past eras. But with the passage of time, it initially lost its original meaning – and almost its face as well. Destiny intervened one winter night in 2019, as two walkers-by deemed it worty of another chapter. < click title to read full article>

GMUND CANVAS – Say it with Canvas

Say it with Canvas! The new addition to the world of textured design papers – Gmund Canvas – offers a unique haptic experience that comes as close to the feeling of linen as ever before. The range of four shades is designed for a multitude of purposes and can be best applied on anything from book covers to greeting cards. < click title to read full article>

Get the latest articles and news delivered straight to the comfort of your own inbox!
Get the latest articles and news delivered straight to the comfort of your own inbox!