10 Valentine’s Day Ideas


Some say Valentine’s Day is nothing but a commercial holiday, others take full advantage of this day of romance and love. Me? I think it’s the one chance in the year you can overload on hearts and all-things pink so why not go full on out and crazy with it! Here are 10 of my favourite heart inspired Valentines Day DIYs.main (click on image to see instructions)

1. Heart decorated notebook

2. A Floral heartsvalentine's-day-diy-floral-hearts

3. heart filled confetti crackersLindt-Crackers1

4. Heart stamped stationery22

5. Candy filled Valentinescandyvalentineshorizontal

6. Heart garlandIdées-déco-Saint-Valentin-DIY-Decoration-ideas-for-Valentines-Day-DIY-2

7. Heart poster made of triangles

8. Build a paper heart out of paper stripscutoutheart5-copy

9. Printable love posteril_570xN.893965382_5nb0

10. Heart pocketsScreen Shot 2016-02-09 at 9.22.48 pm

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