D.I.Y. Cut Out Paper Heart II (Free Download)


Valentine’s Day is only a week away! After the first Valentines themed D.I.Y. last week, I just couldn’t get enough of cute cut outs. So I came up with a new one for you to try out. These simple templetes take few minutes to print & cut, with super cool results. You can do them in different sizes – stick them on an card, build a poster or arrange them into a garland. Have fun!cutout-main

For me, as for most people, the heart is the most classic symbol of love and the most known icon of Valentine’s Day. I’m not the romantic lovey-dovey type at all, trust me, but around this time of the year I can put up with some hearts for few weeks 😉

Store-bought has never been the same as self-made for me, so this Valentine’s Day I dare you to try something yourself. Forget the store bought cards, and bravely draft something yourself. For a beginner, this D.I.Y. is a great start! It doesn’t matter if it’s for a loved one, or just to decorate the house for the holidays, this D.I.Y. is perfect for all it. AND super simple. I’ve made it so easy for you, all you need to do is click HERE and print out the free template you see below!






On the free downloadable file you will find these three heart patterns. Of course you can use them exactly as they are, or do something more fun and make them into cut outs. Remember to use some super cool paper when printing, I opted for transparent Cromatico in 200 gsm. I used turquise, azure and yellow, once again choosing something else than the classic pinks and reds. The light, slightly transparent colors were perfect for this D.I.Y., as they don’t rip of tear easily which made them super easy to handle and I’m sure these will last way beyond the holidays. Ps. I realized how versatile these transparent Cromatico papers are, so you are sure to see more of them in the upcoming DIYs!

cutout1So, when you’ve printed the templetes, cut along the black lines. This way, all you are left with is the hearts. That’s it, it doesn’t get any more simple than that. It does help if you have a good, sharp paper knife to make the cuts and keep the finish look clean.

The best part about the D.I.Y. is that you can do almost anything with it. You can stick it on a card, make many of them and build a garland or choose you’re absolute favorite colors and build a poster of them, like I did. As we’re not big on decorations in my house, a cute framed poster in the theme of the holidays is just the right touch I want. Also try to place the hearts on top of each other, building one, multi-layered heart. For this I recommend printing the templetes in A3 size.
I had so much fun trying out different ways that it took me ages to finish this post 🙂

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