Bastion Branding by GLAD HEAD Studio


Ukrainian graphic design studio GLAD HEAD focuses on trading and corporate branding, developing of websites and multipage publications, with their latest project being a new face and packaging for a local shoe brand Bastion. The concept combines hand-drawn illustration, stylish typography, photography and a contemporary color scheme and material choices.

Every day we wake up in the morning and make the first step then another and another. Footwear is an integral part of our everyday life. Our world is huge and there are so many things to do – it would be irrational to waste time and effort for uncomfortable footwear. Bastion is a footwear of freedom despite age and social status, footwear for each your step to be the most comfortable, explains the designers. The hand-drawn illustration communicates the idea of flight and freedom, while the material and color choices tell more about the brands down-to-earth approach to life and footwear.

Images © GLAD HEAD

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