Illustrations On Your Skin – Mom&Pap’s

Linzer label Mom&Pap’s is letting me re-live the hay days of my teenage years by creating a charming line of hand illustrated temporary tattoos. Dozens of designs to choose from, all Mom&Pap’s tattoos are removable and safe to use even for the youngsters in the family. This Austrian brand is the ideal mix of retro, innovation and adorable illustration.Mom-and-Paps-temporary-tattoos-4

But wait! Till you spend the rest of the afternoon endlessly clicking through their tattoo selection (which I know you will), let me tell you few facts about Mom&Pap’s. The founder of the label and creative mind behind the darling illustrations is Katja, while the Viennese creative studio OrtnerSchinko is responsible for the stylish branding, including the name and logo. Mom&Pap’s promises to ALWAYS HAVE SOMETHING NEW FOR YOU, so their tattoo collection keeps constantly growing. The tattoos are gently applied and easily removed. The thought behind the label is to capture moments and tell stories, through tiny little drawings on your skin. Wearable illustration!

Mom-and-Paps-Logo Mom-and-Paps-temporary-tattoos-2 Mom-and-Paps-temporary-tattoos-6215308-67f2f97c2b8b455aa0acbf5f15b51db6 12512827_1689755961264353_3432427394676923021_n215308-3798dd4c3bb642558455c552081d4596 12342356_1679234665649816_917056688893363281_n12417861_1687338051506144_1764547831885535871_n

Images © Mom&Pap’s



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