Inspiration + Paper = Claire Brewster’s Paper Cut Art

Claire Brewster uses old and out-of-date maps and atlases as her canvas to create intricate and delicate cut-out sculptures and collages. She takes her ideas from nature, creating entomological pieces of flora and fauna, with the hummingbird being her main object of inspiration. The combination of recognizable map patterns and silhouettes of birds in flight make a very dynamic contrast.

Brewster’s delicate paper cut work has been widely exhibited around the world from London to Sydney, and can be found in many public and private collections. With a career reaching over a decade she has noticeably mastered the art of paper cut. Her latest exhibition just took place in Pitfield, London last month, and I’m guessing there is many more to come.

Nature is the main theme in her work: the birds, insects and flowers transcend borders and pass freely between countries with little regard for rules of immigration or the effects of biodiversity. The deeper meaning and feel of her work comes when you see the beautiful confrontation of images. The old, worn out maps create a stunning pattern with all the geographical markings and colors, giving new color to the birds  feathers flying across the land.clairebrewster5Love Birds, 2013. Hand cut geological map of England.

The paper pieces are either pinned directly onto a wall as a large scale installation or captured in a box frame. The shadows created when light is shined on them creates a dynamic three-dimensional quality and creates a feeling of movement. You only realize the amazing natural coloring of the maps when it is cut out in shapes and forms not natural to it.clairebrewster9Don’t mess with us, 2012. Hand cut map of London.

I truly understand the success of Claire Brewster. Who could not fall in love with these eerily light, delicate pieces of cut-out paper art. If you want to see more, head over to her website where you also buy her works as well as contact her for commissions.clairebrewster3We love this place, 2013. Hand cut Japanese map.

clairebrewster4It’s all for you, 2013. Hand cut printed map, on sale here.

clairebrewster7I have seen the great bear, I have (mocking bird), 2011. Hand cut map of Canada.

clairebrewster2We are the sun birds, 2013. Hand cut geological map of Great Britain.

Photos via Claire Brewster

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