‘Just Decoration’ Tag Cloud Installation by Kissmiklos

The installation artwork by Hungarian designer Kissmiklos (who’s work we’ve featured before) is assembled from 4000 fake clothing tags, turning a visit to the Mom Park Shopping Mall in Budapest into a visual art experience. The main elements of the art project called Just Decoration are price tags well known from the fast fashion shops. These tags are commonly used to identify a certain brand and indicate the size and other physical parameters of a product. The tags of the Just Decoration installation, however, represent a fictive brand that points out today’s shallowness by downgrading even art to the level of decoration. On the tags every price indicator is zero. The thousands of fake tags constitute an eye-catching cloud formation, a statuesque and airy attraction at a congested point of the mall. The dummy tags function as mere decoration, but Kissmiklos hid a few real price tags among them so some lucky visitors can find them and win a real product showcased on them. Just Decoration installation is a symbolic game of art that playfully holds a mirror to the human obsession with decoration and appearance.

Photos © Kissmiklos, Eszter SarahDaniel Nemeth
Video and music © Atom Richard
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