Local’s Lore Branding by Kissmiklos

We’re used to seeing quality work from one of our favorite Budapest based designers Kissmiklos, and his latest project Local’s Lore is yet another notch on his endless belt of beautiful design concepts. Local’s Lore is an interactive atlas of places and spots around the globe for like-minded design travelers. Its idea is to reveal the well-kept secrets of locals, often overlooked or forgotten by tourists to create new experiences off the beaten track. Everything from miniature galleries and pop-up stores to market stalls and fairytale courtyards, Local’s Lore shows these places through the eyes of a local – resulting in a community that seeks to flatten the world, and create a common language between foreigner and local, one based on the lore of those that know the place best.

In reality, the Local’s Lore consists of an online city guide based on Instagram and Google map. Building a community of travelers, the platform ables a visitor to find the most interesting, cool and stylish hangouts of a city by browsing the Instagram images of locals on an interactive map: cafes, restaurants, shopping locations, showrooms, and exhibitions are all accessible through a simple click on an icon. Also borrowing the visual style from the famous app, Local’s Lore relies heavily on tiled photographs while subtly communicating their philosophy: Live global, experience local, through a contemporary, minimal logo that combines home and a globe.


Founder, art director, owner: Adrienn Suri
Designer, art director, co-owner: kissmiklos
Developer, programmer, co-owner: Atom Richard (Atom&Partners)
Co-founder: Kristóf Balla
Assistants: Réka Pásztor Turák, Eszter Suri
Photographer: EszterSarah
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