Makers of Budapest

A subjective guide to Budapest based new craft workshops

Makers of Budapest is a comprehensive, insight look into the creative scene of the capital city of Hungary. The book doubles as an illustrated art book and a design guide: it is equally informative, aesthetic and functional. Within it, you can find a list of designers, shops and galleries with beautiful images of the corresponding work, while all relevant places are clearly displayed on an illustrated map.

makers of budapest book

Born from friendship and dedication

Like the majority of best things in life, this book was also born from friendship and dedication, with the intention of providing an overview of the varied and rich scene of contemporary craft designers in Budapest. 

The book truly is an insight view into the creative scene of the city, as the creators themselves are local designers and crafters themselves. The founder of Bomo Art Budapest Károly Boldizsár, together with photographer Milán Rácmolnár and design theorist and founder of Stilblog Petra Hoffmann visited all the studios described in the book, one by one, during summer 2018, talking to the crafters and learning what makes each place creatively unique. With all the information and beautiful photos taken during these visits, acclaimed graphic designer Anna Bárdy designed and arranged the book, using a specially-made font type Laslo designed by typographer Ádám Katyi.

makers of budapest book
A subjective guide to Budapest based new craft workshops

The designers and makers presented in the book were selected based on the subjective criteria by the authors – as the subtitle of the book suggests. Due to the limitations of the book, it would, of course, be impossible to include all; which is exactly why the authors sought to present the broadest possible spectrum of each field through the diversity of the designers’ works.

What all creatives in the book have in common is blending traditional, long-established base materials and working procedures with contemporary design attitude and manufacturing technology. Preserving the spirit of experimentation, the value, and uniqueness of work by hand, knowledge of their craft, with always seeking sustainability, and the intention to conserve their cultural traditions.

makers of budapest book

Seeing the completed book gave us a feeling of justification for our project, and we hope that our readers will be filled with similar pride when seeing this tiny but nonetheless representative section of the Budapest creative scene, and the huge creative potential intrinsic to it.

A unique publication, printed on Pergraphica® Classic Rough

The authors state how rewarding it was to write about the Hungarian crafters in whose works they take great pride in, and without whom the new Budapest craft scene would not be what it is now – a diverse, exciting, varied and special world that is always poised to renew itself. The book is a unique creation, as its the first of its kind – making it a niche product in itself. And becoming a product equal to the ones showcased in the book.

Makers of Budapest is printed on beautiful Pergraphica® Classic Rough 120gsm with a 300gsm cover, paper exclusively available at Europapier. It comes with a blue paper protection sleeve, wrapped in a craft paper bag, and sealed with a handmade stamp sticker. Each detail of the publication lives and breathes craftmanship, honoring the materials used in the production, and those who have a passion for the creative life.

Images © 2019 Bomo Press

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