Mlle Hipolyte Recreates A Coral Reef With Hand-Cut Paper Pieces

French illustration artist Mlle Hipolyte creates incredible work with our favorite medium: paper. Her skill to produce sculptures out of intricately cut paper shapes is awe-inspiring. With a signature style of vibrant colors and lavish textures, her latest creation is a three-dimensional depiction of a multi-colored coral reef. The massive 2-meter x 1-meter piece titled Coralium was inspired by the current discussion of the state of the ocean, the fragility of the underwater ecosystem and the danger of losing it all due to global warming and rising ocean temperatures.

The vibrancy of a coral reef is beautifully replicated of brightly colored paper, manipulated in various crafting techniques such as quilling, scoring, 3D modeling, and paper cutting. Entirely made by hand, the piece is full of intricate elements and minuscule details worth admiring.

The uniquely delicate structure of a coral reef, from tiny barnacles to lush clusters of polyps, in magnificent organized chaos, is represented and can be enjoyed from every angle. Often called the rainforests of the sea, coral reefs house some of our worlds most diverse organic eco-systems. All well-worth preserving. Hipolyte’s Coralium reminds us of all the beauty that lies unseen in the underwater world.

Images © Mlle Hipolyte




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