Six Chocolate Packaging Designs So Stylish, They Make The Perfect Gift To Give To Loved Ones

Whatever form your holidays take or how you like to spend your Christmas time, one thing in common most of us have is the tradition of gift-giving at the end of the calendar year. Whether it’s on Christmas Eve with loved ones, to spread the holiday cheer among neighbors, or a token of appreciation to your colleagues at work – most of us give or receive something during this special time. And I could bet my hat that at least once, that gift has been chocolate. 

As one of the most common and traditional gifts to give, chocolate is loved by many and comes in many forms. It can be something fun and sweet for the young ones, or a more luxurious delicacy for grown-ups. And beyond its universal approval as the perfect gift, what makes it even better, it often comes in beautiful packaging that doesn’t need wrapping to be gifted. Inspired by the season of gift-giving, we’ve listed below six of our favorite chocolate branding and packaging design concepts that are so stylish and thoughtful – anyone would be lucky to receive them.

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HOMER CHOCOLATE packaging by Paul Lee

The uniquely crafted Homer cacao chocolate is designed with minimal yet vibrant packaging and comes in three flavours – Peppermint, Mandarin and Hazelnut. Not only it thrives best in its appearance, but Homer also delivers a great tasting experience. Hand-picked and handcrafted cacao chocolate delivers an artisanal taste. To minimise the carbon footprint, Paul Lee removed the foil wraps and used recyclable cardboard only.

© Paul Lee

Saari, a Dominican chocolate brand with a Finnish twist, designed by Renan Vizzotto and Robert Ashorn

When designing the branding and packaging for Saari, Renan Vizzotto and Robert Ashorn were tasked to bring its tropical roots front and centre. And nothing represents more the tropics than the evergreen, majestic palm trees, which are all over the Dominican Republic. But as a Finnish-owned company (with its farm and factory headquartered in the Dominican Republic), an overall minimalist design was created. As a solution, simplified palm tree leaves counters in a flexible triangle, bringing simplicity to match the tropical colours and logotype. This way, Saari can use the number of triangles to represent the cacao percentage or the recipe mix.

© Renan Vizzotto and Robert Ashorn

Chocolate bar packaging by Gabrielle Rogers

Gabrielle Rogers designed the brand and packaging​​​​​​​ designs, including illustrations for Harlequin Chocolates. As it is a small manufactory producing high quality handcrafted chocolates, the aim of the project was to create an elegant logotype combined with unique illustrations that shows the diversity of the flavours and colourfulness of the chocolates. The logo is the combination of the letters H and C, but also refers to the shape of a harlequin ladybird!
© Gabrielle Rogers

ÉSOPHY Crunchies Packaging by George Probonas

ÉSOPHY is the successful venture of two passionate professional chocolatiers in Athens, Greece, who create fresh chocolates inspired by traditional Mediterranean flavors and culture. George Probonas’ task waas to create four new packagings, which would differ from each other in terms of their colors, so that each one of them would effortlessly connect with a specific flavor.
The design and distinctiveness of the packaging was inspired by the ingredients of each product. Vivid colors and playful drawings are there to seduce the customers and allure them to a unique palette of tastes. But they also support each individual packaging and make it stand out on its own. The feeling of indulgence continues with the velvety touch of the cylindrical box. As a final whiff of luxury, gold-foiled product descriptions on a background of sheer black provide not just material information but a promise which is about to be fulfilled. 
© George Probonas

Danaus Chocolate by Alejandro Gavancho

“The flutter of a butterfly’s wing can cause a hurricane on the other side of the world”. Danaus is a bean-to-bar chocolate from Lima, Peru. The concept of the brand, both conceptually and visually, revolves around the Danaus butterfly, commonly known as the Monarch, which represents the transformation that the brand wishes to see in its clients. The package was designed in layers, each one representing a stage of the butterfly’s life cycle, from a caterpillar, into a chrysalis and finally the butterfly. Each detail is connected to the concept of Danaus, the logo was created with varying thickness, from thick to thin, representing the shapes but also delicate nature of a butterfly. While the color palette was chosen to represent the floral and fruit infusions and inclusions of the chocolate. The chocolate bar itself was designed in line with the packaging, measuring exactly 10cm, the average wingspan of the Danaus butterfly.
© Renzo C. Fernandez

Manos de Cacao by Anagrama Studio

Manos de Cacao is a true bean-to-bar chocolate brand specialized in every aspect of the process it entails. They oversee the cacao’s careful selection, cooking, husking, all the way to its grinding. Anagrama Studio’s task was to build a brand identity that portrays an organic visual undertone while allowing each product to stand on their own.
The wordmark works as a distinctive element on its own, while at the same time allowing the main motifs and colors to be the focal point of the overall composition. The Icon displays a strong emphasis on the hand element. The story of Manos de Cacao is strongly related to every process within the chocolate life cycle. From the cultivator, all the way to the packager, every hand counts.
This is also asserted in the special design each chocolate bar has, depending on its regional origin.
© Anagrama Studio
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