Escaping The Digital World At Supersense

As the digital aspect of our lives grows more overwhelming by the day, we need to pay special attention to the analog side of life. Like myself, I spend a majority of my days staring at a screen, creating content that solely consists of ones and zeros – but as a designer I feel the work is never finished till you have the final print, object or material in your hands. I use digital means to create something for haptical senses – a paradox concept if you think about it. So when I feel the need of a breather from the digital world, there is no better escape than the sense overload Supersense offers. The all-rounder concept store located in an old Venetian Palazzo, in Vienna’s Leopoldstad, is an analog wonderland for the curious that hides incredible secrets within it’s walls. I am almost ashamed to admit how many times I stuttered in amazement when I visited for the first time.supersense1

2 minute walk from the Praterstern station, Supersense and it’s grand palace like store front is hard to miss, and upon walking through the door your eye starts to wander and you realise, this is a place for discovery and wonder. The front of the shop is a cafe with exceptionally good service – I was able to order off the menu – while the back is dedicated to all things analog. The high ceiling with gold decoration combined with modern light fixtures, tiled floors and hand written signs create the stage for discovery.


Supersense has an impressive selection of analog products and exclusive treasures designed and produced with selected partners. Something for each sense: a large range of instant photography tools, including rare polaroid cameras, impossible instant films, peel-apart films by New55 as well as world’s largest instant camera that produces photos of impressive 8×10 and 20×24 inch size. Including the sense of hearing, at Supersense one can purchase vintage music instruments as well as produce hand cut vinyl records in larger and single format, the latter in their one-of-a-kind Flabbergasting Record Elevator in 90 second length – think of the options: your own song, poem reading, wedding proposal or the most personal christmas gift ever. Interested, click here for more info.

And like this wasn’t enough, their smell library will blow you away. Yes, you read that right, a smell library! A wall full of abstract smells from which you can build your own customised smell memory kit. The idea is so cool, don’t trust my words but read more here.

Supersense is also the proud owner of a classic Korrex Berlin-Spezial and a smaller jobbing press, on which they produce their own range of high quality printed editions, unique, handmade postcards, wrapping paper and posters for whatever the occasion is. It’s also possible to print your own designs, more info here.

As you probably have noticed by now, the place truly caters to all senses. What I’ve mentioned here is just the beginning and as a big part of it all is the sense of discovery, I’d like to leave the rest up to you!

Praterstrasse 70
1020 Vienna




supersense10 supersense7


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