Elevate the Art of Gift-Giving: Holiday Gift Guide 2023 for Paper Aficionados (Part 1)

In a world increasingly dominated by digital screens and virtual experiences, there remains a timeless charm in the tactile pleasure of turning the pages of a beautifully crafted book, leafing through the glossy pages of a magazine, or jotting down thoughts on the crisp pages of a notepad. For those who revel in the tangible beauty of paper, the holiday season is the perfect time to celebrate and share the joy of thoughtfully curated gifts.

A reader favorite and an annual tradition of the years past: our Design & Paper Holiday Gift Guide is here! In the first half of our gift guide we focus on published paper goods: books and magazines, as well as beautiful notepads and planners for 2023 – for all styles and tastes.

In our “Holiday Gift Guide for Paper Lovers,” we’ve included a carefully selected array of books, magazines, notepads, and planners to delight anyone who appreciates the feel of paper beneath their fingertips. Whether you’re shopping for a seasoned bibliophile, a creative soul who finds solace in a blank page, or someone simply looking to add a touch of elegance to their daily routine, our guide can offer some much-needed inspiration. The art of gifting the perfect present for a paper lover is best taught by those who take pride in being one themselves. 

Look out for part two of the Holiday Gift Guide coming out in the next few days in which we list our favorite calendars, paper goods, gift sets, and more!

Books & Magazines

The Belvedere. 300 Years Of The Venue Of Art

At Vienna’s Belvedere, the transformation of the concept of the museum over three centuries can be traced in an exemplary manner. Originally built by Prince Eugene of Savoy as a garden palace for the purpose of princely representation, the Upper Belvedere became one of the first publicly accessible museums in the world under Maria Theresa. To show Austrian art in an international context, as envisaged by the founding idea of the Modern Gallery established in the Lower Belvedere in 1903, is still a programmatic concern of the renowned cultural institution today.

IT by Steven King; The Horror classic as a limited edition in a jewelry slipcase.

Last year, Stephen King – one of the world’s most famous and prolific horror writers, celebrated his 75th birthday. To mark this iconic milestone, and in honor of the author, German publisher Heyne Verlag from Penguin Random House re-released one of King’s best-known novels, IT (ES in German), as a limited anniversary edition for the German market.

Meanwhile city

Christmas is a time of togetherness and community. Meanwhile City was conceived and produced by Milk, in a multidisciplinary team of strategists, designers and editors led by the architect Petra Marko, who build local identities for cities, districts and places. Offering 30+ actionable lessons, best practices and inspiration for city leaders, urban practitioners and private developers, Meanwhile City is a 160+ page guide on how to use temporary interventions to shape the identity of places and build active communities around them.

Badacsony Photo Book by Abel Szalontai

The Badacsony series is the result of the photographer’s personal attachment to the Balaton area, as Szalontai has visited the place since his childhood, even stating this is where he learned to walk. Capturing the same landscape again and again for eight years Szalontai manages to build an incredible insight into a view that was there before us and will be there long after. Through repetition, the viewer is guided to immerse oneself beyond the top visual layer, digging deeper into the meaning and underlying content.

Backstage Talks – Issue #7 // Empathy for sale

How much empathy should we sell to our clients, and how much do we need to keep for our teams and ourselves? We talked about the importance of empathy in creative work with Anna Kulachek, Brian Collins, Hedda Lilleng, Mark Pollard, David Numwami, Heidi L Maibom, Tereza Ruller and more! Backstage Talks is a magazine of casual but in-depth dialogues on design and business. Our decisions shape and influence this complex world—to have a chance to make the right ones, we need to talk.

New York: 1962–1964

New York: 1962–1964 charts the three momentous years in which New York became the global capital of art. In addition to a whole host of creative innovations across disciplines, the period also saw a shift in the center of artistic gravity from Europe to the United States and the rise of a new leadership in the arts—curators, gallerists and other impresarios.


A book you must love, a book about a journey to be seen and read, a cinema book for those who love to travel. An intimate and authentic view of Morocco, the country that has inspired and attracted artists and travelers for centuries.

Notepads & Planners

book refill x The Dybdahl Co. by paper republic

This special edition book series features printed covers with select illustrations in collaboration with The Dybdahl Co. Immerse yourself in the world of reefs or Japan as the illustrations grace both the front and back covers, creating a stunning composition when the book is opened.

Munken agenda 2024 by Arctic Paper

IRKA 2024 Calendar, Limited, Exclusive Edition

The design of the IRKA 2024 calendar was inspired by the hundreds of years of Japanese kintsugi art. Kintsugi is a special way of gluing broken ceramics together. The word kintsugi means “union with gold”. The essence of the Kintsugi philosophy is that it does not hide the brokenness, the mistake, the injury, but accepts the imperfect.

BLOK_ID by YoungBlock

Agendas #slaninkova

Notebooks by The City Works

Violet ice Cream meets 80s Libretto (DIN A5) by Moduletto

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