Inspiration + Paper = Wildlife

They are all around us, they were here before us, and they have acted as a source of inspiration for everything from art to architecture to engineering for as long as humans have been creating, building, and documenting their surroundings. Animals and the source of inspiration and imitation they offer are vast and plentiful. From the first cave paintings that date back 40.000 years depicting wild animals – to biomimicry often utilized in modern technology, animals and the animal world have inspired us in numerous ways and will keep inspiring us in the future.

In our series of Inspiration + Paper we look and search for various sources and topics that can act as an origin for your inspiration when working with design papers. When working with a simple yet protean medium such as paper, it can be easily forgotten, how much power it can behold. A single paper, or a collection, can imitate a feeling or a mood, it can signal values and thoughts, and can definitely have a direct impact on its viewer or holder, both consciously and subconsciously.

Matching beautiful photographs of wild animals with our favorite papers from the Design Papers Collection by the Europapier Group

We’ve matched eight stunning photographs of some of the most beautiful wildlife animals, with paper palettes from the Design Papers Collection by Europapier Group. Besides aiming to reflect the color scheme of the photographs in question, we’ve given more attention to the atmosphere of the image by choosing hues and finishes we feel nicely represent the vividly unique colors and textures of these unique wildlife inhabitants.

Via Felt ginger
Galaxy Metallic sun gold
Remake Sand

Color Style Fresh Jungle Green

Fluo Poster red, yellow, green
Color Style Recycling sapphire, azure

IQ Color spring green, lime green & sun yellow
SH Recycling Grass

IQ Color dark green
Fluo Poster green
Cromatico yellow
Gmund Leather tangerine


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