Sabrina Transiskus Delicate Paper Couture


Sabrina Transiskus has made her name in the world of fashion, using paper as her medium. Working as a stylist and a set designer she creates incredibly delicate and poetic designs fully made out of paper. She’s responsible for some of most beautiful pieces for clients such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Lancôme and Audi.Sabrina-Transiskus.main

Sabrina Transiskus of German origin, lives and works in France. After studying communication and design she started her fashion design studies at the ESMOD University in Münich, where she was awarded with a 6 month internship at Louis Feraud Haute Couture Department in Paris. Now, 10 years later she still lives there working for some of the biggest fashion houses of the world.

It seems to be her attention to detail, delicate touch and determination for the highest possible quality that sets her work above the others. That’s exactly why she must be a natural in the world of fashion. Her obvious love towards using white suggests of a very strict editorial eye, which leaves no room for mistakes. What is great about her work is she always respects paper as material, always showing it as it is, not trying to transform or hide it’s natural look or tendencies. Transsiskus works as part of the Thierry Kauffmann agency, were her list of clients seems to grow by the day. So keep an close eye on her, see more of her works here and watch the video in the end to peek into the world of Sabrina Transiskus.

DEI SHANGAI 220x285 UK1.qxd:aCity skylight view made of paper, an advertisement for Louis Vuitton.

Sabrina-Transiskus7Advertisement for Chloé and Balenciaga.

Sabrina-Transiskus1Purple paper hat Sabrina Transiskus did as a stylist for a fashion shoot.

Sabrina-Transiskus5Christmas advertisement for Prada.

Sabrina-Transiskus6Paper setting for a jewelry advertisement.

Sabrina-Transiskus8Paper illustration for Chloé.

Chloé as seen by Sabrina Transiskus – Mist(ed) Magazine


Photos via Thierry Kauffmann

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