Selected Works By Agata Jeziurska

Agata Jeziurska is a Polish graphic designer and photographer currently living and studying in Wolverhampton, UK. With a knack for bold colors, cool graphics and abstract patterns, the young designers portfolio are filled with eye-catching concepts and daring out-of-the-ordinary ideas. Drawing inspiration from pop culture, Jeziurskas’s fascination for color and composition leads her to create fascinatingly unique designs. These selected works by the designer will not leave you cold, but wanting for more.
Autentico Gusto – refreshing branding for a small local takeaway restaurant specializing in Italian cuisine, in Ipswich UK. With dishes that are all prepared with love and passion for cooking, using only fresh ingredients and spices, the design follows the no-fuss no-muss attitude of the eatery. The project includes everything from logo and stationery to the flyers, menu, newsletter and more.
Natco Company – packaging concept combines watercolor illustrations of each spice with geometric and abstract elements that are blended to create stunning collages. Concept designed to appeal to artisanal food fans with an eye for design.
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CD collection – Music collection concept for the visual identity of three records of the three great composers: Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin. Based on three main colours: blue, yellow, pink, three shapes, with each one representing different composer.
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Children’s book – A (bit) weird illustrated children’s book Jeziurska designed during her stay at the Academy of Fine Arts in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia.
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Images © Agata Jeziurska
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