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Illusion – a thing that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses, a deceptive appearance or impression. Agnes Herr is a graphic designer based in Budapest. In her work she mainly focuses on identity, typography, branding and web design, with special interest in the world of optical illusions. In her poster design Perception, she blurs the line between perception and reality.

For the past four years Herr has studied the subject of illusion in greater depth, combining geometric moire pattern with an optical illusion. The two dimensional space can be decomposed into geometric shapes, which she used as the basis for her work. Based on the lattice structure, the pattern splits the space and then compiles it again. With two planes the final illusion can only be perceived with the aid of the third dimension. The distorting effect creates a changing image that can be observed from different directions.

c52c5420914373.567bbfdf2b9a1 82db6820914373.562f358b63597 Grid – a lattice with a changing thickness and curly, wavy forms. 2ffdf820914373.562f3b77bf9c9 57ddd620914373.562f35c9e5817 83e80920914373.562f35f15a285 Poster consists of two layers. The typography takes place on the base layer and the grid is on the transparent top foil layer.8f5c8520914373.562f3b77b829e f3ed1c20914373.562f3b6669ff1 319bc620914373.562f358659e32 12bb5120914373.562f3586432cf Typo – the letters are build of basic geometric shapes. 717c7820914373.562f358648cb2 a9c9d720914373.562f35d2736b8 a035a120914373.562f35c9f027f5890fe20914373.562fc96deac38 dd30a820914373.562fc2dfd28fa

Images © Agnes Herr

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