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Motivational posters aim to make people achieve more, think differently about the things that they may be learning or doing, or simply encourage and stimulate action. They’ve been gracing the walls of offices and schools for decades but has risen in popularity in recent years. Social media, Instagram and Pinterest in particular, are filled with inspirational quotes and motivational posters aimed to help us in our achievement focused world. It can be debated if they actually have any real effect on productivity, but weather you are a fan or not, one fact is undisputed. Motivational posters offer a great medium for designers to showcase their skills, and that I’m a fan of!

Two Ukrainian web designers, Igor Starodub and Irina Nakonechnaya took on a task to build a series of nine motivational posters with quotes ranging from playful: “Warm weather is great for two things: ice cream and bathing suits. Ironic, isn’t it?” to more serious: “Fall seven times and stand up eight”, with “Play hard, work hard” being the common thread through out the series. Combining line-drawn illustration and bold colors with contemporary typography while playing with scale and layout, the layered look keeps the design light and personable.

Images © Igor Starodub & Irina Nakonechnaya

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