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In the last few months we’ve been seeing so much amazing typography and font designs, it was only fitting to choose Typopassage as our featured blog of the month. On top of running an actual macromuseum space in the city of Timisoara in Romania, they have a great range of amazing art pieces on show on their website. Definitely worth checking out!typopassage-main2

Typopassage is a micro museum of art and typography, an online continuum of the Typopassage Timisoara which is located in public space, dedicated to graphic design and the art of shaping letters. Its aim is to draw general attention upon graphic design and typography. The Typopassage from Timisoara is the first international extension of the original Typopassage in Vienna, and was founded by the curators Ovidiu Hrin, Synospis (Timisoara) and Bauer konzept & design (founder of Typopassage Vienna).

The actual public space Typopassage TM, located on the shore of Bega and under the bridge of Youth, only operates for 6 months a year from May to October. So if you happen to be in Romania, you still have few weeks time to visit, but if not, make sure to look through their online exhibition, which is just as marvelous. And even though the website is in romanian, it didn’t stop us from browsing throught the museum. The typographic pieces stand on their own, crossing all language barriers. Only thing we were left sad about, is that they seem to have some incredibly interesting interviews which we’d love to read. But for everyone interested, check out their Typopassage facebook page, which is updated regularly and in english!

935587_498532746879914_1072571043_nTypopassage Timisoara in Romania

Here’s our hand picked selecting of examples what is on show at the online Typopassage museum of art and typography!7_Nelu_Wolfensohn_Bye_Buy

Nelu Wolfensohn – Bye Buy

9_Ovidiu_Hrin_BlazzajOvidiu Hrin – Blazzaj

0002_Adn_02Adnan Vasile – Cotti TRG Acqzuel

0004_Miha_01Michaela Pop

PrintSorina Vasilescu

0001_HI_02Hi Visuelle

Images © Typopassage TM

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