A Love Letter From The Masterclass am Brillantengrund

Right in the heart of Vienna, a bunch of dedicated creatives came together for the first Masterclass am Brillantengrund, to gain skills, exchange experiences, work and have fun. The theme being typography and talented tutors guiding the event, a famous love letter was taken apart, and put back together by the designers, creating Love Letters the Book!
The Masterclasses am Brillantengrund, organized by Atelier Olschinsky, is a brand new workshop series for creatives from all over the world. Twice a year, for a few days, participants and international lecturers will meet at the wonderful am Brillantengrund hotel here in Vienna, where they share their passion towards the craft, exchanging knowledge and tricks of the trade and most importantly, have an amazingly great time together. Peter Olschinsky and Verena Weiss Atelier of Atelier Olschinsky believe that apart from working hard, sharing thoughts and having fun with other dedicated people it is essential for staying fresh and motivated. And the masterclass is a perfect way in doing so. In such beautiful surroundings as am Brillantengrund, the designers’ imagination is amped up to the max with the whole place only dedicated to them without any other hotel guests restricting their creativity. The Masterclass includes lectures and workshops run by brilliantly talented industry leaders from ranging international backgrounds, who are more than happy to share their passion and experience, helping the designers evolve and push their work.
The first class took place last February, with the second scheduled for next autumn, this time under the theme of illustration. The level of work that was produced during the masterclass blew me away. To meet the title of the workshop, “Love Letters”, one of the most famous love letters of all time was split up into bits and pieces, and then re-created by the participants and build into this book. You can be the judge, but if you ask me, each individual design is stunning and a great example of what shared learning and encouraging atmosphere can bring out of people.
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 If you are interested in participating in the next class, or just a fan of the work, keep up to date by following the MCAB on facebook and instagram.
Images © MCAB


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