Flower Power!

Summer’s not over yet! And even if the holidays are slowly coming to their end and the idea of fall is slowly creeping in, we are not giving up quite yet! What better way to keep the sun in your life than flowers. Our editor Sini has gone crazy for flowers this summer. Collecting them whenever having a chance and always having a fresh bunch at home. And now, she’s making them out of paper!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The sun is still warm enough to keep our mind in the summer mood so we want to celebrate it till the end. One sure way to keep those roses fresh and greens looking good, is making them out of paper. The best thing is, you can use any paper you have, of course the more colorful the better! And there is so many uses. Why not make a cute romantic centerpiece for your next dinner party, huge ones to hang up on the wall or tie them in your hair on a night out. We collected our favorites, and of course tried some of our own.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A fun and easy way to make a few great looking flowers is to cut out 8-12 petal shapes (per flower), varying from smaller to larger. I used IQ color  230gsm from Europapier and chose to do them in different shades of yellow. Roll out a piece of tape (approx. 20cm length), put the petals on the sticky side and just roll it up tightly.

To finish off the look, cut out some small black strings of paper and glue them inside the flower. So simple, yet so beautiful. I decided to make a few and attach them to my straw hat with a short piece of string. They came out great, what do you think? Ps. If out in Vienna today, you might see me soaking up the sun wearing the flower hat!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Flowers often make a beautiful centerpiece at a dinner party, and are a must-have at weddings and engagement parties. A budget and hassle free way to achieve the same effect is to use flowers made of paper. And the best thing is, they never go old so you can keep using them. Of course there is a bit more work involved, but they are definitely worth it. For the above flowers we had a go with the rolling technique, where you roll a string of paper (we again used IQ color). Mixing them with the flowers we made out of petals, together they made a quite beautiful centerpiece. Once again, as simple as it gets, but with great results. For more pop of color we also folded some fluorescent paper which turned out nice as well!



Paper Flower DIY’s by Greenweddingshoes.com

These incredibly cute signs made entirely out of paper flowers are adorable! They take quite a bit of time and effort, which I learned the hard way while doing this post, but will be on our to-do list for the future for sure. A great idea for weddings and birthdays! And if you keep a close eye on our D.I.Y. posts, you might see one of ours sooner than you think. flowerpower4

Floral Wrath Guestbook by OhHappyDay

You can also make your own personal artwork out of the flowers. Maybe a simple arrangement you can put into a frame, or why not make a guestbook out of it like seen on Oh Happy Day. Making simple shapes and forms, it can be fun for the whole family. Children love all the different colors and making it themselves is simple! Fun for the whole family.

Do you still have a bit of summer left in you?
Send us your photos if you try out your own paper flowers.

Flower Power to everyone 🙂

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