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Dizajn Design is an independent type foundry and graphic design studio located in Bratislava, Slovakia. It is focused on creating high-quality typefaces with a contemporary attitude to provide useful yet enjoyable options for graphic designers all over the world. They have some great designs which many designers and professionals have used in numerous creative projects.

Dizajn Designs director, Ján Filípek is a graduate of the Type and Media masters course at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, The Netherlands. It was his knowledge and passion towards graphic design and typography that started off the Dizajn Design type foundry, which now offers many professional fonts, type development, lettering and custom logotypes for purchase. Also from time to time they organize workshops or participate in exhibitions and offer personal calligraphy courses and lettering consultation. Actually, their next calligraphy workshop is just around the corner, taking place on 27. – 28. 9. 2014 in Bratislava (find more info here). But as a type foundry, their main business is fonts. They have 12 different ones on offer for professional use, which clients, brands, and companies in many countries have used in their works. 


The Dizajn Design type foundry is one of the most successful in the area, established in 2007, they’ve been producing new fonts on a regular basis since then. Especially the Preto typeface family is extremely popular among contemporary and magazine designers. See above when each typeface has been developed, and below examples of them in use. If you are interested into purchasing a font, visit the Dizajn Design website.

991364bfc1bcbf4e32d311d593066beePreto Serif specimen

DizajnDesign16Tvor magazine is using Preto Serif with experimental layouts and design.

Preto Sans Specimen
DizajnDesign15Preto Sans Typeface in use in a poster for KINOBUS festival.


Rukou Sans Specimen.

DizajnDesign18Lilie von Grün used Rukou typeface in corporate identity for Tim Adler Photography.DizajnDesign17Local Act!, who will be serving food during Self festival, use Rukou Typeface in their logo

dizajndesign3Poleno Type specimen

DizajnDesign13Poleno Typeface in use in a magazine layout /// Design by Dream factory

43e65ff6fb1d03231f22bd16cb481952Dezen Type specimen

DizajnDesign9Dezen Typeface in use. Design by: Martina Obertova

DizajnDesign7Anca Type specimen

DizajnDesign14Anca used for Sweet spot makarons visual identity by Jillian Lamb

DizajnDesign12Komu Type specimen

DizajnDesign10Komu typeface in use. Poster for Pecha Kucha Night Trnava by Misha Chmelickova


Catchy book cover using Komu Typeface // Design: Janka & Palo Balik

dizajndesign1Chocolate letters workshop at the Academy of fine arts and design Bratislava. Looks so Yummy!

dizajndesign2Type design NL/SK Exhibition at the Satelit Gallery in Bratislava.

Photos © Dizajn Design

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