Architectural Illustrations by Renáta Jakab

Budapest based Hungarian designer Renáta Jakab enjoys photographing her home town. Creating interesting compositions by mixing black&white photographs of architecture with graphic elements and text, she made an editorial titled Monochrome sights (available here). And now she has added color to her work by turning the photographs into minimal illustrations with vivid color schemes, keeping the dynamic compositions on central stage.57047338344335.575ead1b1e413

Stripping the robust, geometrical, undecorated, and some what cold architectural images off their textures and details, and dressing them in vivid rich colors, the landscape changes dramatically. A city that is predicted as cold and almost lifeless, is given energy and new life. The bright colors of pink, yellow, orange and purple remind me more of florida than Budapest, which makes the illustrations so interesting. A project done as a personal project just for fun, turned out amazing! I
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Images © Renáta Jakab
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