Blürb Studio’s Annual Christmäs Teä


Krakow based Blürb Studio is oriented on creating all-inclusive branding strategies, working in a multitude of disciplines believing that a well-designed brand exists not only as a series of pleasant images but also creates meaningful experiences and strong bonds with its recipients. They understand the power of design, whether working for a client or on a personal project.Each year the studio celebrates the holidays by producing a signature tea for their friends and clients, and last year was no different. A unique compilation of hibiscus, rose, and rum combined with a strong dose of humor the Blürb Studio Christmäs Teä 2017 came with the following instructions: “… put on your best silk pajamas. Light copious amounts of candles and put your feet up in your favorite comfy chair. Immerse the teabag in a cup of hot water for at least eight minutes — it’s a while, we know, but in the meantime, you will be able to listen to Kenny G’s masterpiece, The Moment, twice, which will surely put you in a sensual, reflective mood”. The pink packaging with the playful illustrations and typography and clever tea bag tags with the team members faces on them are sure to bring Christmas joy.

Images © Blürb Studio

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