Celebrate International Beer Day With These Cool Beer Branding & Packaging Concepts

Today August 6th marks International Beer Day, a global celebration of beer that takes place in pubs, breweries, and backyards all over the world. The event, which was first held in Santa Cruz California in 2007, has three declared purposes: first, for people to gather with friends and enjoy the taste of beer, second, celebrate those responsible for brewing and serving beer, and third, to unite the world under the banner of beer by celebrating the beers of all nations together on a single day.

Celebrate Beer Day by expanding your knowledge and horizons of the craft by enjoying new beer brands from around the world 

Participants in the celebration are encouraged to gift each other with beers, raise a glass and express gratitude to brewers and the long history of the craft, and also step outside of their usual circle or comfort zone and explore beers from other cultures. There is no better day than today to expand those beer taste buds. And remember there are more than 100 different styles and subs styles of beers in existence, and thousands upon thousands of brands from around the globe for you to enjoy.  

Celebrate the day and say Cheers! with these 39 cool and contemporary beer branding & packaging concepts – and maybe, crack open a cold one! And if you can’t find one to your liking on this list, there’s more to explore at B Stands For Brewsky – 50 Beautiful Beer Label Designs.

Gotlands Bryggeri by Neumeister Design

Floral & Peel by Neumeister Design

Mitra Craft Beer by Lasca Studio

Mariestads by Neumeister Design

LazyLab BrewCo Identity by Minal Studio

La Tissée Serrée by Remusorus Allen

Elysian Brewing | Snailbones IPA by Maggie Enterrios by Maggie Enterrios

Brandsummit beer by Brandsummit Studio

Nostalgia by Bruno Faiotto & Lucas Wakamatsu

Eres Fuego by Brandsummit Studio

Knockout Brewing by Backbar Studios

BEER LABELS by Loulou and Tummie .

津采酒業 桔醬啤酒 酒標設計 Superb Brewing Beer Label design by Wei Tzu CHEN

Witches' Brew by Vanessa Lovegrove

SIPPIN', NEVER SLIPPIN' Collab /Collective Arts Brewing by Juan Carlos Pagan

Bièrerie Shelton by agence K72

Top Five Brewery by İskelet Design Works

Roomies by Jack Forrest

Tite Vite by Félix Arsenault

PangPang Can Release by Jens Nilsson

Rødder Brewing Co. by Santi Pozzi, Roy Mayne & Jacomy Mayne Studio

HÉRCULES by Sociedad Anónima

Double Negative Artisanal Brewery by ANTINORMAL

Donetsk Energy Drink Packaging Design 2021 by Studio Metis

Brew Your Mind - 2020 Sessions by Classmate Studio

Sciùma - Birrificio artigianale

Rooster Beers by Rice Studios

MOSE Beer by Alíz Stocker

Réunion by Caserne .


Chinese traditional beer by Borja Flores

LE KETCH by Florence Boudier & Véronique Lafortune

Flower Called Nowhere by Daniel Patrick Simmons

Maltgarden Brewery by Ostecx Créative

Efes Pilsen by Fol .

The Sad Toad by Lou Perez Sandi

Doodles and stuff by Étienne Roy-Martel

Engineer beer by Wedesignstuff TM

Beer Label Design / Foodbar Picknickers by Marijke Buurlage

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