Delightful Paper Works by Sarah Louise Matthews

Sarah Louise Matthews, a London-based freelance paper engineer, and paper cut designer has the skill to manipulate the medium into any shape or form with stunning results. Her fascination with paper stems from her childhood, as some of her earliest childhood memories involve folding paper airplanes origami penguins and making paper snowflakes. Matthews has managed to keep a unique child-like approach in her work, producing playful designs in elegant scenarios and layouts.

Working with a variety of brands and individual clients, Matthew designs and creates diverse paper cut decorations, stationery and artwork, exploring cutting, folding, pleating, slotting, creasing and interlocking to create innovative paper surfaces. Even though much of her work is pattern-based, with a range of graphic geometrical and botanical designs, taking inspiration from bits of shape and pattern she sees and photographs in her daily life, I absolutely adore her whimsical paper work of animals and of course topical holiday themed items. With a uniquely subtle range of colors and restricted use of lines Matthews work is recognised and loved by paper lovers both off and online. Make sure to check her work on Instagram.

Images © Sarah Louise Matthews

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