Design Papers Collection Catalog by Metaklinika

The newest edition of the Design Papers Collection by Europapier is designed by Metaklinika, an independent design studio from Belgrade whom we’ve interviewed for Design&Paper previously. Easily mistaken for a lovely retro candy box, the Design Papers Collection is an important tool for designers and printers alike and aims to not only be functional but to inspire and serve as a visual stimulus. The carefully curated collection gives the user a chance to look, touch and feel the paper samples in person.

The idea behind the design of the new collection that contains over 200 different types of paper, was to add a decorative dimension to the usual functionality of a swatch book. The cotton candy-colored swatch book cover and box, that opens up with a centered rhombus-like a prized treasure chest, are decorated with black and gold pictograms symbolizing the interactive character and outstanding quality of the product, while the fancy embossed texture provides a taste of the treats waiting inside. The swatch book is divided into six categories that contain everything from plain white premium paper, colored paper in pastel, dark and neon colors, beautifully structured and shiny metallic paper to ultra-durable synthetic substrates.

designpapers2designpapers17 designpapers5 designpapers6 designpapers11designpapers16 designpapers8 designpapers9designpapers10 designpapers12 designpapers3

Images © Metaklinika / Europapier

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