Flower and Decor Studio Anflor* Branding by AIDA Pioneer


If the mind is a garden and the thoughts are seeds, then feelings are flowers – a beautiful thought by AIDA Pioneer, a creative agency responsible for the new branding concept for flower and decor studio Anflor*. The idea that some feelings are too great to be expressed via words, but are perfectly translated through a personally put together bouquet, inspired the brand’s slogan: Anflor*. It’s more than words.

The abstract illustrations remind of cubist interpretation of wildly grown flower fields full of texture and drama, bright and lush colors and fresh sweet scents. Even the name contains a small little flower in the shape of an asterisk. Each bouquet comes with a postcard and a special note describing feelings. The same visual language is carried through from stationery to the packaging to the interior of the shop – all enhancing the experience for the customer.  Anflor*s branding echoes the age-old saying “say it with flowers”.

Design and Art Director: Angelina Pischikova
Copywrite: Vladimir Varava
Images © 
AIDA Pioneer

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