FRUTTI-LAND Branding by de_form studio

Eniko Deri and Nora Demeczky are Hungarian graphic designers and owners of the Budapest based Studio de_form. Having graduated from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in 2014, they are well-known throughout the design community for their striking solutions in the fields of art direction, branding, and editorial design. Their bold use of color and unique out of the box thinking when it comes to layout and scale while utilising the most modern digital techniques help them move across the fields from digital to analog with ease. The two creatives clearly understand the ever evolving contemporary design scene and boldly set themselves apart from the rest by not shying away from attention, but seeking it with bold, tenacious design that not only catches the viewers eye, but forces them to halt and look.

One of the latest projects is a rebranding concept for a Miami Florida based company Frutti-Land that sells raw vegan sweets, frozen yogurts and healthy beverages. Opting to turn away from the usual heath-food store granola-style (as I like to call it), they kept true to their vision and took the route they are best known for. The bold concept is minimal yet loud at the same time, combining typography and color blocking. Executed with the most simple of means – monochrome tape implemented on everything from menu headers to take away packaging, it creates a strong uniform look that feels surprisingly fresh yet familiar. It’s hard to pin-point what attracts me to it, maybe it’s the young coolness that we always hear about…

© Studio de_form

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