Intricate Laser Cut Paper Art By Eric Standley

American artist Eric Standley’s intricate art pieces might remind you of stain glass windows from the Gothic period, but believe it or not they are fully constructed of paper. Currently working as a professor in the School of Visual Art at Virginia Tech, Standley hand builds the pieces of hundreds of sheets of laser-cut paper, creating three-dimensional constructions which structural complexity is simply captivating.

Standley’s work is as multilayered in it’s references to different cultures, periods and architectural elements as it is in its structure. The awe-inspiring pieces have hints of Gothic, Islamic and Eastern influences and manage to create a mini-sized cathedral-like space. The play on positive and negative space builds a whole that is rich, colorful and detailed. Whatever you might see in his work, it’s guaranteed to make you stop and look closer.laser-cut-paper-art-eric-standley-2

A pioneer in the techniques used in his art, he’s reached great interest in media, with art collectors praising his work. He begins each artwork by first making a detailed vector drawing of the design, which will later guide him through the cutting and assembling of all the paper pieces. When all the layers of paper are laser cut he starts his painstaking assembly. Some pieces have over 100 layers of paper and can take months of planning and drawing. The work requires an excruciating amount of patience, but Standley is very confident about his work: “He holds allegiance to a faith of his own construction, which is reinvented on a daily basis.”

Standley’s work is an extreme example of the possibilities paper offers when combined with cutting edge technology and inspiring creativity. See the video in the end where Standley shows and explains how the pieces are created, and what started it all.

laser-cut-paper-art-eric-standley-laser-cut-paper-art-eric-standley-12 laser-cut-paper-art-eric-standley-8 laser-cut-paper-art-eric-standley-7 laser-cut-paper-art-eric-standley-6 laser-cut-paper-art-eric-standley-5 laser-cut-paper-art-eric-standley-4 laser-cut-paper-art-eric-standley-3
Photos via Eric Standley


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