Levendra Branding by Eszter Laki


Levendra – a health and beauty brand based on the beneficial features of the lavender herb. Lavender is widely used as an alternative medicine for its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, stress-relieving and calming properties, helpful component in skin care and aromatherapy and it has a strikingly extensive usage in gastronomy as well. Szandra, the owner of Levenrda has a lavender field of her own, on a one hectare farm in Zsámbék, Hungary. The distillation is carried out in the distillery of the Benedictine Archabbey of Pannonhalma and the lavenders are harvested with a manual method without any chemical treatment. Every single Levendra product is prepared in artisan conditions from 100% natural ingredients. They produce entirely handcrafted goodies which is the main inspiration for the identity.

To highlight the natural product, Eszter Laki chose a clean, refined paper as a nice background for the ethereal, still classic typography. The main element of the identity is obviously the lavender flower. Two aquarelle patterns are used, one as an easily recognisable plant and one in a more abstract way as “flower drops”, referring to the liquid matter extracted from the herb and the actual bits of the flower cooked into the soap products. The raw typography hit into the soap itself and all pieces are carried out by Szandra’s hand. Each and every item is packed by Szandra as well so she is able to guarantee the artisan quality. There is also a stamp on the label which emphasises this trustworthy work ethic and marks Levendra as a love project. At the centre of the stamp an abstract heart is growing out of the levander because the statement on the rim says: with love and care.

Images © Eszter Laki
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