Mr Riyazi’s Ramen Restaurant Branding by Vladimír Vilimovský


Czech graphic designer and digital artist Vladimír Vilimovský is the man behind the striking visual identity of the loved UK based vegan restaurant The Mr. Ryiazi’s Ramen chain. The youthful, punk-inspired identity reflects the brand’s ethics of being a proud chain of vegan restaurants, with premises of equal rights, responsibility, and partnership among its staff, while being affordable for the customers.

The unique concept draws from the reminiscent of cyberpunk movies aesthetics, with #nominimalism graphic design standpoint. Typography, story illustrations, vegetables, food porn photography, and “noodle” the line are the building blocks formulating the final visual style. The color scheme is simple black and white with a neon color accent, build to seem like neon light tubes in the logotype, adding to the esthetic chemistry. It’s all about food from future because future is vegan, explains Vilimovský.

Images © Vladimír Vilimovský

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