Naked Senses Packaging by Maksim Arbuzov


Russian graphic designer Maksim Arbuzov has an impressive resume, and a talent for clean, contemporary branding. Currently working for Landor in Moscow as a Design Director, Arbuzov’s journey from a Siberian city of Tomsk to studying at Central Saint Martins in London and working for top agencys in Montenegro and Russia, as well as being awarded by the Cannes Lions, Red Dot Awards, Penta Awards, the Golden Drum and The Dieline, has garnered him much praised experience and understanding of the modern world of design.

Working for numerous projects and clients across the world, his latest packaging design concept caught my eye. Contraceptive or condom packaging is known for their dismissive or sometimes even awkward designs, yet Arbuzov saw the Naked Senses brand as an opportunity to design something beautiful. Forget about the slight embarrassment or blushing at the counter, these minimalist packages are the perfect combination of style and information. Mimicking the product inside, the various styles vary from dotted to sensitive, easily identified by the color and surface.

3D visualisation © Pavel Gubin
Images © Maks Arbuzov

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