Picasso Niñasilla


I am constantly on the lookout for items that add that special something to my flat. Art is of course always a great choice in this regard! Lately I have become very interested in illustrated posters as they can instantly set a certain mood for less artsy rooms such as the kitchen, your hallway or a that nice little corner in front of your bathroom. The playful illustrations of Prague based Niñasilla exactly fit this profile.Ninasilla-Poster-

Nadia Chair Tirado aka Niñasilla, born in Barcelona, lives in Prague since 2010. The artist describes herself as “a dreamer and an illustrator of her imagination, a little drawer full of different black&white characters.” In her series “Little Artists” Niñasilla portrays famous painters and actors such as Andy Warhole, Frida Kahlo or Penélope Cruz. All of the portraits are drawn in the same style: big head, reduced facial features, small body and one or two details that make it unmistakably clear who this person is.
picasso frida Gaugin warhole lautrec volver godfather marilyn lolita

All of the posters are printed in Czech Republic on Munken Polar paper. If you are looking to buy one of them checkout Popout or Unique. I still have to decide which one I will get for myself!

Pictures courtesy of Niñasilla


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