Null Style, 360° Book By Dora Balla

Budapest based graphic designer, researcher, and writer, Dora Balla graduated from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in 1998, where she now works as a professor. Her primary field of study and research is the history of contemporary graphic design and its Hungarian aspects, as well as the visual grammar and development of contemporary graphic design. She also runs an independent design studio and has published numerous art books, including the Null Style, 360° book that represents the “eternal cycle”, closed in the form of the book. 

Having created many books and websites that deal with the development of modern teaching methodologies, her design work can be described by the organic integration of professional research, the autonomous, analytic and vigorously experimental approach. In her editorial work, she experiments with creative materials and new printing possibilities, resulting in beautifully unique book designs.

In Null Style, she explores the topic of the eternal cycle by endless variations for 365 days. The book is based on her project One Style a Day, which she realized between 2006 and 2007, an idea that has become rather popular among designers and creatives since. The fully monochrome book published by FRU design was offset printed by EPC press, on Munken Pure Rough 150gsm, paper exclusively available at Europapier. Done in a limited edition of 100 silver, 100 dark silver, and 100 black hot foil and screen printed covers. 

Null is the starting point and the end point. Null is the void and Null is the whole. Null is the impossible and the possible. NUll is detached and boundless. NUll is truly playful and dynamic. Null is the shaper of the nonexistent and the absolute. Null is universal, eternal and limitless. Null is flexible and transcending. Null is the form of the eternal cycle.

Images © Balla Dora

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