Selected Illustrations By Sergiy Maidukov

Sergiy Maidukov is a Ukrainian illustrator working for giants such as The Boston Globe, Diplomat, Architectural Review, Datum, Harvard Business Review, and Swerve. Based in Kiev, his unique creations are brightly colored and often offer a new perspective or take on the subject. It was his Navy Seals” illustration for Esquire Ukraine that demanded my attention and made me giggle.

Known for his commercial work for a variety of publications, Sergiy Maidukov is an incredibly productive artist with over 120 illustrations done in one year. Draw more, draw all the time because it is only the quantity that turns into the quality, – Maidukov has statedIt’s his fast pace, strong work appetite and unique style that has placed him as a valued illustrator among his peers. He only started three years with a horror magazine being his first project in the field, gradually shifting from design to illustration.

Maidukov’s work plays on positive versus negative space, perspective, and eye-catching details. All these combined with powerful color combinations and textures create a visually interesting illustration that is not tied to space or time but seems classic and universal. He seems to enjoy portraying current topics, whether it being cultural, political or economical.

Screen shot 2014-11-12 at 1.58.28 PMRoofer Mustang For Esquire Ukraine

Screen shot 2014-11-12 at 2.00.38 PMFor the novel of Mykhajl Semenko, which called ‘Misto’ (City). For ‘Osnovy’ publishing.

fe950be5e6d86a384a88baea8bee26c4World Cup: Brazil / Germany, for Esquire Ukraine

f2f142db336110866363a9dd2ad6ca0dLime Tree, for ‘Osnovy’ publishing.
ccd91314d2ecef24da146fd666944bddBotanic Garden by Fomin. For ‘Kiev Places’ postcards set.

6120ad5bf5449ccebdcc7b5a7eb58ed7Pochtovaya Square. For the ‘Kiev Places’ postcards set.

4b654cd87f4e591636f1389ecd25620aDiplomat magazine cover

ada65e73b2f958298406eb0823084903Environmental Moviemaking Practices.

252710e9b044f18d6ee9e744bba83918Stockport County story, for Brussels Airlines

04b6355e2e5d7ebf802586f66d30bc90The Observatory. Kiev Places postcards.

2d3894bfbc80cce4cf5c5bafd8645a39Hryhory Skovoroda. Ukrainian philosopher and writer (18th century). For the openair Lviv international poster exhibition.

Photos via Sergiy Maidukov

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