Selected Works by Lym Moreno

Born in Venezuela, living and working in Vienna, Lym Moreno works with a wide variety of medias and techniques including drawings, collages, assemblages of paper, print making, mural-painting and most recently some stop-motion experiments. She creates scenes full of life and color, often presenting figures and imaginative creatures from worlds beyond ours.lym_moreno_murals_15

Moreno handles paper like a chef handles their ingredients. She creates collages and sceneries with complicated yet tongue-in-cheek cut out techniques, presenting the world around as she sees it. Often enacting feelings or personal emotions through abstract visual ensembles. Her portfolio is full of editorial illustrations, screen prints and small-scale paper installations, each depicting a unique character. In public space she appears under her pseudonym “Mosta” performing her visual language in a different contexts.

“In my work, I seek to connect shapes and objects within figures that are carefree, joyful and spontaneous, usually focusing on issues that call my attention around the complexity of human behavior as well as the relationship between woman and man.” – Lym Moreno

lym_moreno_escher_citizens_01Citizen involvement, 2015 Illustraton for Den Escher Magazine

lym_moreno_auers_flutery_01 lym_moreno_auers_flutery_02Auers’ Flutery 2014. Visual concept and artwokr for Auers’ Flutery – Lectures & Concerts by JUlia and Walter Auer.

lym_moreno_escher_gardening_01 lym_moreno_escher_gardening_02Communit Gardening, 2014 Illustration for Den Escher Magazine

lym_moreno_murals_18 lym_moreno_murals_17Murals in Austria and Venezuela in 2014

lym_moreno_en_mi_01 lym_moreno_en_mi_05En Mi, Introspective vision that shows outcoming emotions produced under an exciting state of mind.

lym_moreno_trust_me_01 lym_moreno_trust_me_02Trust Me, 2012 Window installation – the bonds of trust by the way of apprehension.

Images via Lym Moreno

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