Slanted 33 prague

Slanted Magazine #33 Prague Edition

Slanted Publishers is internationally active publishing and media house behind the award-winning print magazine Slanted, which covers international design and culture news and events biannually, as well as other design-related projects and publications in the field of typography, contemporary art, and design.Slanted 33 prague

Their latest Spring-Summer issue takes a close look at our neighboring Czech Republics’s capital city of Prague and its buzzing contemporary design scene. The Slanted editors, together with photographer Dirk Gebhardt visited the city last fall with a clear plan to avoid the tourist traps while hoping to discover the hidden gems, and make some amazing designer friends along the way.

Discovering the creative side of Prague

The Slanted team hit the city streets in search of some good time and great design —while also wanting to immerse themselves in the vast history and culture of Prague. The team met some of the most amazing designers who know where they’re from and their roots give them a clear vision of where they want to go. They are the ones shaping the new Prague.

You can find illustrations, photography, interviews, essays, and a huge appendix with many useful tips and the best Czech typefaces complement the issue thematically in issue #33, and a deeper look at their opinions and views through video interviews that can be watched online on the Slanted video platform.

In addition to this exciting publication, a limited special edition is available. It contains a photographic newspaper by photographer Dirk Gebhardt with a text by Jan Arndt catching the raw pubs of old Prague. It is complemented by a Czech Design Map—a practical printed map for design shopping.

You can buy your own copy: Slanted Magazine #33—Prague and the special edition.

Images © Slanted

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