Sorry Mom Tattoo Studio Branding by We Are Büro Büro


Art, illustration and graphic design collective We Are Büro Büro based in Hamburg and Braunschweig, Germany is run by two creative heavy-hitters; Stefan Mueckner and Julian Faudt. Known for their fun and colorful style, with a primary focus on boisterous illustration, their intricate and endearing works are widely recognized on a national and international scale. 

Their latest project for an equally unique client: family-run Sorry Mom tattoo Studio is a testament to their skill set. The concept combines elements from both handmade lettering and high end finishing in a contemporary, yet retro-inspired style. The strikingly, bold color blue – a color chosen as a homage to the original tattoos, solely created with blue ink – creates a beautiful contrast with the off-white of the high-quality paper and the textures generated by the stamp. The identity echoes elements from the vintage tattoo culture while elevating it to a modern-day taste, all representing the high standard of creativity, craft, and culture.

Images © We Are Büro Büro

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