A few weeks back I did the Tyvek® t-shirt DIY and as promised, there was more to come! After making the t-shirt, I just couldn’t stop there. Tyvek® is also perfect for accessories, and as I happen to go mad over bags and handbags (a bit of a collector), I made a clutch that doubles as an iPad case.tyvek-clutchmain

Clutches have taken over the fashion world by storm in the last few years. There is a massive amount of choices on the market, each designer offering their own version. One of the reasons the small handbag has become the hit item it is, is the popularity of iPads, Tablets and other smaller digital devices more and more people carry with them on their daily travels. Many women want to have a bag that simply fits their nesseceties, is easy to carry and even easier to match to your outfit. So the small and cute clutch is IN and the huge travel bags are OUT.

If you’re a regular reader of Design & Paper, or my DIY posts, you know by now my latest love is the fantastic Tyvek® by DuPont, available at Europapier. The material which is best described as something with a”paper look and a fabric feel”, is something I havent come across before. So since I got my hands on it, I haven’t let go! You can read more about the material in our previous posts here and here!tyvek-clutch3

The actual instructions for making your own clutch are extremely simple. You just have to decide the exact size you wish to make, have the needed materials and a sowing machine. Once again this is one for beginners! If you have more experience with sowing and pattern making, you can of course design your own version with a more intricate structure, maybe a zipper. Simply put, the clutch is an envelope. So if you know how to fold it out of paper, you know how to sow it out of any material!

Here’s how I made mine:

First I decided on the size: big enough to fit my stuff on a night out, but as I also wanted to use it as a cover for my iPad, I decided to give it a thick protective lining. So the cover is made of hand painted Tyvek® and the lining is made of white recycled woven cotton which is thick enough to give the clutch a strong structure and also protect the valuables inside.tuvek-clutch2

When sowing a lining into a bag, make sure to sew the two pieces together the wrong way around and then turning it into an open end tube, so the stiching is inside the lining. Fold the tube into three folds which will form the clutch. Sow the sides and stich the open end close. For the most simple version, that’s it! You can always sow a zipper or other closing mechanism but I opted for the simple style.

If you are using Tyvek® for your own version, why not paint it or make your own pattern. I made some classic stripes on mine using Indian ink. The ink dries very quickly and doesn’t smudge, so I’d recommed it.

We would love to see your own Tyvek® bags, t-shirts or whatever you come up with – just send us your pictures. Happy sewing!tyvek-clutch1

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