Vanessa Snyders’ Majestic Paper Bird Sculptures


South African photographer Justin Dingwall is known for challenging the idealized perceptions of beauty in his imaginative, emotion provoking photographs. Often utilizing the power of contrast and play on light and shadow, his latest set of images incorporate majestic paper bird sculptures by fellow SA creative Vanessa Snyders. Series titled Fly by night has garnered praise and admiration online since their release, and will undoubtedly gather the same recognition when presented at the London Art Fair taking place as we speak.

Snyders detailed, meticulously executed white paper birds are brought to life in Dingwall’s masterfully executed photographs, and as the paper artist writes herself: “All the hours cutting feathers for these sculptures has been so worth it!”, we couldn’t agree more. The photos are a marvelous example of the power of simple white paper – and what it can become in the hands of talented individuals.

See more of amazing images by following Dingwall and Snyders on Instagram.

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