Best Interviews of 2014

Before heading into the new year, let’s have a look back into the amazing, talented and interesting individuals and creatives we had the pleasure to meet and talk to in the year 2014. Check out the 10 most popular interviews from the past 12 months. While starting our third year, we want to celebrate the past while being excited about the future, highlighting the talent we’ve been grateful to meet. Here you go!bestinterviews2014

Meet SMAK – Not Another Cook Book Magazine

We at Design & Paper are crazy about beautifully printed magazines and good food. Our latest interview partner combines them both: Smak is a Polish quarterly for culinary adventurous and creatively demanding readers. We had the pleasure to meet Kamil Antosiewicz, one of five persons behind the magazine. He told us about how he and his partners were bored with Polish culinary magazines and decided to found Smak, about the distinct style of their magazine…


Meet Magdalena Tekieli – Stationery & Furniture

Magdalena Tekieli wanted to have it all and decided to combine her two passions: furniture and graphic design. Her award-winning designs were featured among others in ELLE Decoration, RUM Magazine and The Sunday Times. Her latest baby is the stationery brand Paper Love, which was born from her passion and love for paper. We met the Polish wunderkind and talked with her about her work and inspiration, Paper Love and the importance of ecological design…rp_Magdalena_Tekieli_photo_2-e1395231245484.jpg

Meet Verena Michelitsch

How does an Austrian graphic designer end up in New York, with a career many would envy. Graphic designer, branding expert and typography enthusiast – Verena Michelitsch took a minute off her busy schedule and spoke to us about the differences between NY and Austrian design scene, her latest projects as well as her love for simple design and geometric shapes…verenamichelitsch-main2


He is a designer, illustrator, artist, musician and promoter and he likes to play. The man in question is Stefan Unkovic aka Stevie Whisper, a versatile and creative mind born and bread in Belgrade. His clients, which include some of the hippest underground clubs in the Serbian capital and Vienna, trust in hiscool and unconventional style. Read on to find out more about Stefan’s projects and inspirations, his thoughts on being a freelancer and the best clubs in his hometown…Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 11.01.31 am

Meet Studio less.

Gosia Perkowska, Anna Okrassa and Martyna Wędzicka are young creatives from Poland, who now run a design & branding studio less.together. And even though they just started and are in the beginning of their careers, their work is being noticed. Read on to find out what the trio thinks about the current state of the design scene in Poland and how sometimes, the common knowledge about the purpose of good design is lost, and see the light hearted humor they bring into their work…less-main


Pyré is not a classic food magazine, it is magazine about taste, colors, smells and faces. Yes, there are many mouthwatering delicacies inside, but you can also read about culture, economics and politics. The quarterly magazine from Slovakia founded by designer Anna Jabłonowska-Holý and lawyer Jana Birošová  just released its third issue. Time for us to take a closer look and talk to one of the busy ladies about the story behind the magazine, its style, the current issue, future plans and, of course, food…pyre_021-500x500

Meet Bratislav Milenkovic

Bratislav Milenkovic‘s detailed and playful style captured my attention immediately. Bratislav’s illustrations are commissioned by national and international clients such as the Museum of Con.Art Belgrade, New York Times and Wired UK. Equally interesting are the many personal works in his portfolio, such as “Zero Moustafa”, the cover image of this post, depicting the lobby boy from Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. Read more about the Belgrade-based illustrator’s inspirations, the magic of print and the impact of social media…rp_7-Bratislav-Milenkovic_Zero-e1397479359657.jpg

Meet Absoloot Letterpress from Budapest

Absoloot was born from the love for paper and design. In 2011 the two friends, Judit Hantos and Andrea Hermann, set out to found their own design and print studio in a loft-like old mill a 30-minutes walk from Budapest’s inner city. Since then Absoloot has grown into a design brand, which manufactures beautiful paper goods and works with young designers from all over the world. We took the chance to talk to Andrea Hermann about how everything began…rp_absoloot_postcards1-e1400056877575.jpg

Meet Eliza Mórawska aka WHITE PLATE

She is the woman behind White Plate, one of the most read culinary blogs in Poland with over 60.000 followers on facebook, and this summer her second cook book “O jabłkach” (“About Apples”) was published. The blogger and author Eliza Mórawska took a few minutes off her busy schedule to tell us about how she started out, what’s important to become a successful blogger, her plans for the future and, of course, her new book…

Meet Katherina Seiler aka Nebulabor

Katherina Seiler, the woman behind Nebulabor is so much in demand as a designer, getting hold of her for this interview was not an easy task. But since we wrote about the branding of Cafe Mitte in Graz I wanted to know more about the local creative whose name has been popping up everywhere lately. She took a few minutes off her busy schedule and talked about her design motto, inspirations and how her company logo is actually a rocket…nebulabor1


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