Exclusive Fable Chocolate Packaging Design By LOCO Studio

LOCO branding agency, based in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, has an incredible array of stunning branding and packaging concepts under their belt, numerous of which we’ve featured here on Design&Paper before. Their latest project, an exclusive miscellaneous candy box named Fable is something special, with it, nothing is what it seems to be. Fitting for the upcoming Easter, the colorful packaging reveals a nest of eggs, each more magical than the previous. 

Packaging hides within a secret

Fable is something so much more exquisite than an ordinary box of assorted chocolates, it’s a box with a hidden secret, which sparks you upon a journey of taste and sensations. Named after fable – a succinct fictional story that features animals, mythical creatures, and plants – the handcrafted candies are made in the form of enchanting multi-colored eggs. Exclusive treats with a delicate play of tastes on the basis of high-quality ingredients, in the likes of Apple Strudel, Peach Nectar, and Vanilla Milk.

Mythical forest and fable birds

The packaging design equals the product in all its sophistication, with beautiful illustrations of a mythical forest, where fable birds weave a marvelous nest made of premium Belgian chocolate, all drawn by hand by LOCO’s own maestro illustrator.
In this project, LOCO found inspiration in the beauty of nature, its amazing, and variable plant kingdom. As a result, the packaging managed to be a continuation of the product’s story, its reflection. In stores, Fable will definitely attract the attention of the audience and will be able to present the candies not only as a product with a striking taste but the best gift for someone important to you. 
Images © 100% art studio
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