Haute Vintage Branding

Haute Vintage is a fashion mecca for collectors and connoisseurs who want to enjoy the highest level of style and appreciate good design, not only in fashion but also in the digital world. Haute Vintage’s branding and web design follow classic style lines, that never go out of fashion.
The Vienna based Haute Vintage is constantly looking for valuable accessories from former collections to pass them on to people who really appreciate luxury goods. Composed of an exclusive showroom only open on an appointment, an online shop and a blog that serves as a source of inspiration. You can feel the passion and love of beautiful things in every click.
moodley_brand_identity_hautevintage_gerdschicketanz_sophieweidinger_21As Coco Chanel once said: “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” And I believe she just might have been right, and the branding of Haute Vintage follows this motto. Moodley brand identity did a great job while designing the visual identity of the company. Keeping it classic and sophisticated, with a fresh take on things. Leaning heavily on visual imaginary online, like most fashion & style websites tend to do, the combination of different fonts keep the typography interesting and blends in well with the overall style. Minimal, sharp, sophisticated and high end are the words that come to mind while looking at the branding, from the monochrome color scheme and quality paper choices to the clean-cut and timeless typography.
moodley_brand_identity_hautevintage_gerdschicketanz_sophieweidinger_22 moodley_brand_identity_hautevintage_gerdschicketanz_sophieweidinger_23 moodley_brand_identity_hautevintage_gerdschicketanz_sophieweidinger_24 moodley_brand_identity_hautevintage_gerdschicketanz_sophieweidinger_25 moodley_brand_identity_hautevintage_gerdschicketanz_sophieweidinger_26
moodley_brand_identity_hautevintage_gerdschicketanz_sophieweidinger_28 moodley_brand_identity_hautevintage_gerdschicketanz_sophieweidinger_29moodley_brand_identity_hautevintage_gerdschicketanz_sophieweidinger_27 moodley_brand_identity_hautevintage_gerdschicketanz_sophieweidinger_30 moodley_brand_identity_hautevintage_gerdschicketanz_sophieweidinger_31 moodley_brand_identity_hautevintage_gerdschicketanz_sophieweidinger_32 moodley_brand_identity_hautevintage_gerdschicketanz_sophieweidinger_33
moodley_brand_identity_hautevintage_gerdschicketanz_sophieweidinger_35 moodley_brand_identity_hautevintage_gerdschicketanz_sophieweidinger_36 moodley_brand_identity_hautevintage_gerdschicketanz_sophieweidinger_37 moodley_brand_identity_hautevintage_gerdschicketanz_sophieweidinger_38 moodley_brand_identity_hautevintage_gerdschicketanz_sophieweidinger_39 moodley_brand_identity_hautevintage_gerdschicketanz_sophieweidinger_40
Creative Direction: Gerd Schicketanz
Art Direction & Graphic Design: Sophie Weidinger
Web Design: Zachary Kutz
Director Digital: Birgit Taucher
Programming: Mario Sommer, Caihui Yang
Project Management: Olivia Forstmayr
Illustrations: Izabe.la


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