One Poster Every Day For 365 Days By Baugasm

Albanian visual designer and creative director Vasjen Katro, also known as Baugasm, is well known for his 365 project in which he creates a poster for each day of the year. First time starting in March 2016, he grew to love the process so much he continued into the second, with now well over 600 posters under his belt. Baugasm is a self-thought graphic designer, who now also teaches others. Having worked as a music producer before, he started creating the EP covers for the artists he represented, without having no previous experience in it. But as his undeniable natural talent and a keen eye for stunning graphics came to light, the design side took over and now he works as a full time designer.

Listening to Baugasm speak at the Forward Festival last month, it was evident how passionate he is about the process, the experimentation, and possibilities of the medium. With an infinite amount of ideas and visuals possible, there is no other option than to keep exploring. Not necessary believing in good design, but in “successful design” as he describes “would be something that you look back at after a long time and it is still doing its purpose and you would not change it. Design has to be modular as well, change with time, but its main purpose is to always be the same. I believe that design has to solve a problem or it has to make you happy, to please you aesthetically, or make you feel good.”

Even though Baugasm himself does not believe in having a style, as he compares it to a commitment equal to a marriage, I would argue his work is very, very recognizable. Regardless of not following a single design technique or style, fearlessly experimenting and combining everything from gradients, animation, typography, photography, and illustration, there always is that positive vibe, innovative touch, and bold attitude in everything Baugasm creates. Follow his poster journey on Instagram.

Images © Baugasm


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